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How Do I Redo My Countertops Without Replacing Them?

You may be looking at your older, outdated countertops wondering “how do I redo my countertops without replacing them?”. Well, you can do a wide variety of things to make them look brand new or to just give them a nice finish. Just keep in mind that hiring a professional to take care of these methods below is always recommended. Use the following tips to update countertops without replacing them:

How to Change Countertops Without Replacing Them: Cost Effective Granite Alternative – Spray Stone

Granite really is a timeless feature to add to your countertops, but the installation of granite may sometimes be not as cost effective to your budget.  Plus, the hassle of doing demolition to your existing counters can really be an annoyance and create a big mess. If you’re really set on giving your countertops a natural stone like appearance but don’t want to go through the hassle of demolition and pay the high end premium for custom cut stone there is a great alternative called Spray Stone.

Spray stone comes in a wide variety of colors along with the options of choosing a matte or gloss finish. Expect there to be many color options  so you can easily pick the right color for your home. The Spray Stone product line has proven durability and can last up to 15 years or more with proper care and maintenance. To achieve that high durability, it is also very important to use a polyurethane as a topcoat. Not doing this can lead to premature failure of the coating causing it to peel and wear unevenly over time. Spray Stone doesn’t stop at just the application on countertops. It can be applied to shower and bath enclosures along with vanities.

Redo Countertops with Spray Stone

Replacing Countertops: Tile Over Them

Another method of redoing your countertops could be putting tile over them. In order to do this, you would first want to start with attaching a waterproof membrane to the laminate counters. You will also want to make sure you layout the tile to verify fitment and appeal before starting this whole process. Also, to eliminate the need to undo and redo plumbing, you will want to consider creating an under-mount sink look by using sink corners and tile edging trim. After all the tile has been set and attached to the counter you can finish it up with some grout. This process can be very time consuming when trying to configure, cut, and place tiles. Hiring a professional is recommended.

Redo Countertops with Tile
Countertops with TileRedo

How to Transform your Countertops Without Replacing Them:  Artistic Acrylics and Custom Paint

The next method would be to resurface your counters to achieve an artistic vibe with vibrant acrylic colors. This is a fairly simple process. If you follow the steps below, you should be able to easily do this yourself. Again, having a professional do any of this work for you is always recommended.

1. Tape off the areas you want to stay unpainted.

2. Apply all-purpose primer after a deglazing product.

3. Apply colors of acrylic craft paint with an artist’s brush and sponges in different sizes.

4. For the layers to blend, sponge in 2ft sections.

5.  Add dark colors to add some depth. Use your creativity and create an authentic look.

6. Use about 5 coats of water-based sealer and you’ll be done!

Redo Countertops with Paint
Countertops with PaintRedo

How Do I Redo My Countertops Without Replacing Them Using Craft Paper?

Another unique method of redoing your countertops without replacing them would be to use craft paper. This method can also take the longest amount of time so do keep that in mind before beginning this process. Following the steps below can give you the unique look you have been searching for.

1. Remove the edging of Formica counters. In case they’re rounded, you’ll have to paper over the edge and smooth it to the bottom edge.

2. Soak craft paper in 2 parts of water and 1 part of the glue and smooth it onto the counters and over the edge.

3. If needed, cut paper along the wall and the bottom edge. Keep layering until you get the look that you want.

4. Add color once it’s dry.

5. Add a couple of layers of polyurethane, smooth it, and place a one-inch stained edge piece. Add more layers of polyurethane.

6. Due to the drying time of polyurethane coats, it’ll be ready to start using in about 2-3 days

Redo Countertops with Craft Paper
Countertops with Craft PaperRedo

How to Change Countertops Without Replacing Them: Spray Paint

Now for a simpler look and method all around: Spray paint. This could easily be done by anyone but be careful of the fumes that come from spray paint itself.  This process is best for a DIYer trying to transform their counter with low traffic and light abuse. Spray paint just will not hold up over long periods of time on high traffic counters.

Another way to redo your countertops that could be compared to spray paint but achieves that high end durability for high traffic counters would be Dream Stone. It has a beautiful custom marble-like look to it while still being a smooth countertop finish. These overlays are extremely durable and very impact resistant. They can hold up for years and withstand a much higher-level of abuse.

In order to properly put spray paint on your countertops, you will want to tape everything around your countertops. You may even want to consider getting a floor protector to avoid getting any paint on your flooring. In order to achieve a glossy finish to your countertops, you will want to do about four coats worth of spray paint and let it dry between each layer.

How to Change Countertops without replacing them: Overlays – Dream Stone

With so many options when redoing your countertops without replacing them, which is really the best option? Epoxy overlays are the Holy Grail with characteristics of being High heat resistance, non-porous, highly durable, and stain resistant. Epoxy Overlay product lines such as Dream Stone are highly customizable with so many color options and variations. The application and handling of these coatings by someone with minimal experience can be achieved but not taken lightly. It is recommended to consult a professional because of the reactive coatings and high sophistication when being applied.

Dream Stone is a fantastic alternative when seeking out the features and colors of premium, very expensive marble. These overlays will give your countertops that major wow factor and make spectators believe you spent the premium when comparing it to marble.

Redo Countertops with Dream Stone

Is It Wise to Redo Your Countertops on Your Own?

Remember, having a professional redo your countertops is always recommended. Applying industrial coatings requires expertise and high-end equipment such as a HVLP sprayer, respiratory protective equipment, and an exhaust system to evacuate fumes. Resurfacing your countertops by yourself can be extremely hazardous to your health without the proper protective equipment. If you are needing any help or have any questions, feel free to reach out to a local expert in countertop refinishing for help. Do not do this process alone unless you are qualified to do so.

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