Bathtub & Shower Resurfacing

Why You Should Refinish Instead of Replacing Your Tub!

Incase you were wondering what other processes might rejuvenate your bathtub let’s discuss replacing it and what that might entail. A bathtub seems like such a simple feature of your home on the surface but underneath it’s very critical. These critical features include the plumbing, tub reinforcement, the tub enclosure, and lastly sealant which protects your tub from penetrating water. By replacing your tub, you’re running the risk of weakening the integrity of those vital features.

Even the most competent remodelers will make mistakes from time to time. Not to mention what happens if something goes wrong with your bathroom plumbing! Thankfully, the process of refinishing your bathtub will take hours instead of days with a much less invasive approach.

We guarantee your bathtub will be glistening and fully functional again after 48 hours. If this destructive process didn’t make your stomach turn, look at our cost comparison chart below which describes the pros and cons between replacing your tub and resurfacing it with Rapid Refinishing Co.

Bathtubs and Shower Resurfacing

Bathroom Resurfacing Applications

Bathtubs & surrounds | Tile walls & flooring | Showers including enclosures and pans | Vanities & Sinks

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Bathtub Refinishing Services Arizona

About Us!

With 25 years experience in the valley of the sun, Rapid Refinishing CO. is highly reputable! Our skilled technicians and leading industry processes will leave your bathtub surfaces looking silky sleek and fully restored to their original appearance.

More and more people are using refinishing to get the best bang for their buck on their tight remodeling budgets. Rapid Refinishing Co. will make your grimy bathtub, shower, countertop, vanity, or sink look absolutely stunning!

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Need an Understanding of the Refinishing Process?

Resurfacing your bathtub involves a lot more than just applying a coating to your existing surface. Our procedure includes PRECISELY masking the entire area, and applying a self etching primer to your tub or enclosure for maximum adhesion before we can apply our formulated resin glaze! Our technicians can make any outdated, plain, stained, or even damaged tub look new again adding value and increasing the liveliness of your bathroom setting.

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Time & Cost Comparison For A Standard 5’ Tub & Enclosure

Bathroom Refinishing Service

*The National Kitchen & Bath Association estimates the total cost to remove and replace a bathtub is $3000 or more. Rapid Refinishing Co. comes in slashing that price by more than 75%!


Do You Offer a Warranty?

- Resurfacing your bathtub can restore the useful life of your bathtub for up to 15 years or more.
- Guaranteed 5 year warranty for full refinish
- Guaranteed 1 year warranty on repairs

How Long Does the Process Take?

- Rapid Refinishing Co. offers quick turnaround with your tub being out of commission for a maximum 48 hours.
- Expect one day (up to 4 hours) for us to refinish your tub.
- The rest of the duration is to guarantee a full cure before use.

Can You Refinish Plastic or Fiberglass Bathtubs?

We can refinish or repair almost all existing surfaces in your bathroom.

These surfaces include:
- Porcelain
- Ceramic
- Fiberglass
- Cultured Marble
- Wood
- Concrete
- Painted Walls
- Metal
- Plastics
- Composites

How Is My Price Determined?

There are some variables that are going to affect how your price is determined.

These factors include:
- Size
- Location
- Condition
- Installation of tub

* Please submit an estimate request to receive the most accurate pricing.

Proper Maintenance of My Refinished Surface?

DO USE – 409, scrub free products, Lysol tub and tile, dow scrubbing bubbles, organic cleaners

DO NOT USE – Ajax, comet, bleach based products, tilex, abrasive cleaning pads

How Long Will My Newly Refinished Tub Last?

- With proper maintenance & care, your surfaces will last up to 15-20 years or more!
- The integrity of your new finish is dependent on a strong bond. This is why etching with our concentrated mixture of several acid-bearing compounds is the only guaranteed bond you can trust.
- Have piece of mind with our initial 5 year defect warranty.

You'll Love Your Newly Refinished Tub!

Save Time. Most Importantly, Save Money!