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Can a Reglazed Tub be Reglazed Again?

Yes, you can reglaze (in other words re-surface or refinished) a bathtub that has been reglazed before. If the surface has noticeable wear even when the bathtub hasn’t frequently been used, it could be that the original refinish job was not done currently or did not dry completely soon after the service. If this is the case, you could be facing another episode to reglaze your bathtub.

Either way bathtub reglazing problems can arise after the reglazing process has been done. If the craftsmanship was poor, these issues will continue to rise until the tub is no longer usable. Now, do you replace the bathtub, or can a tub be reglazed twice?

Terrific timing on your part. This post has all the answers on refinishing your bathtub. Most importantly, it will answer the question: can you reglaze a tub twice?


Refinishing is the easiest path you can take to repair your damaged bathtub. Essentially, it is resurfacing a bathtub to repair cracks, chips, or any other superficial damage. However, the problem comes in when resurfacing for the second time in a row. The underlying layer will not play along with holding a new layer at the top as well, so you have to ensure that the tub is sanded even further. Therefore, you have to be creative to resurface a bathtub in such circumstances. The refinished tub peeling is more delicate to handle, so it’s always best to consult a professional before attempting a DIY project.


Install a Tub Liner

A liner is just that; a PVC or acrylic shell that covers your old tub to look like new. It’s a fast solution, but at times does not seal as well to the original tub. Another downside is that it takes 8 weeks to fabricate the liner, and the overhead costs can be overwhelming in the long run.

Installing a New Tub

Can a bathtub be reglazed? Absolutely yes, but you may not get the desired results after several times of reglazing. Which makes sense to consider replacing the entire tub.

How Long Does a Reglazed Tub Last?

Typically, a reglazed tub can last between 10 and 15 years, if well-taken care of. Not maintaining the tub reduces the longevity to 3-5 years on average.

What Should I Do?

Always consult a professional to get insight on what solutions are on the table. Jump-starting a reglazing project without knowing the tub’s condition can set the user back by needing to reglaze it again or scrap the tub because of too much user-error damage.

What Should I Do?
What Should I Do?

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