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Can You Refinish Fiberglass Tubs?

Fiberglass bathtubs are going mainstream, due to their lightweight and cost. The tubs are now an ideal replacement for iron-cast tubs and rightly so for good reasons: fiberglass offers more finishing options, is cheaper, and lightweight. There are cons to a fiberglass as they are less durable than iron-cast or stone material alternatives, which leads to scratches and fiberglass cracks.

Luckily, refinishing fiberglass tubs can be done and get it back to looking like new. Additionally, fiberglass tub refinishing will cost far less than replacing one. If you came here wondering how to refinish a fiberglass tub, this post has it all for you. It will also answer all your questions and give you a guide on how to refinish your fiberglass tub.

Can you Refinish a Fiberglass Tub?

Yes, you can refinish a fiberglass tub and get incredible results when done right. Refinishing fiberglass bathtubs can usually be done within a day or two.

How do you Refinish a Fiberglass Bathtub?

Now that you know fiberglass bathtub refinishing is possible, you could try to do it yourself or leave it to the pros. Here is a brief process of refinishing your fiberglass bathtub:

How do you Refinish a Fiberglass Bathtub?
How do you Refinish a Fiberglass Bathtub?
  • The Preparation Phase

It is very critical that the preparation phase is taken seriously and done the right way. It starts by cleaning the surface thoroughly. This helps dissolve any unwanted substances such as silicone, loose fiberglass, adhesive materials, stains or leftover minerals. Next is the application of an etching solution composed of several acid-bearing compounds that break down the original glaze finish on the bathtub. Afterward, sanding helps further ensure that all rust and dust spots are removed, just that last peace of mind to guarantee your old surface is in preparation for a new one. You do not want the refinish coat to fall off after a short time due to not properly preparing your tub for the refinishing process. When the tub’s surface is sparkling clean and spotless, it is time to move on to the next step.

  • Applying a New Coat

The next step would be applying a new coat, which requires precision and experience. Several coats of acrylic polyurethane are applied. Each layer is thin and evenly spread on the entire surface due to the use of a HVLP precision sprayer. Any small mistake may lead to bubbles and cracks on your finish, which is not what you would want for your newly refinished tub. Remember, the application has to be done by an expert to ensure it lasts you many years after the refinishing process.

Is Bathtub Refinishing Worth it?

To answer this question: yes, it is worth your every dime to refinish your fiberglass tub instead of replacing it. The exact price comes down to the professionals you hire to do the job for you. Remember, the application has to be done by an expert to ensure it lasts you many years after the refinishing process. For any general questions, master refinishers at Rapid are able to educate or provide a general service estimate for those seeking service.

When it comes to cost and time, refinishing a bathtub is worth every penny, and the results can last up to 10-15 years with proper DIY care. Not only can a fiberglass tub be refinished but it could save you money in the long run.

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