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Are Concrete Countertops Easy to Maintain?

One of the customizable parts of the house that are always fun to design is countertops. May it be in the bathroom or kitchen, countertops are a common pick for both aesthetics and functionality. If you’re in the process of deciding which material to use for your countertops, you may want to read on to find out the answer to your question, “are concrete countertops easy to maintain?”

Pros of Concrete Countertops

Easy to Customize

Customization options for concrete counters are endless. You can pick any concrete countertop color and shape that you want and even spruce it up with embeds or polishes. Concrete countertop edging and finish can be customized to resemble wood, granite, or marble. If you are wanting more of a granite finish but can’t afford granite countertops, you can have Spray Stone applied to your countertops. You can include a stenciled logo on the surface or even have glass or stone aggregates included in the concrete mix.


Durability proves to be one of the top reasons why homeowners choose concrete as a countertop material. Just like knowing if you can refinish fiberglass tubs, glass fibers can be added to make the counter lightweight and strong. Glass fiber-reinforced concrete is less prone to cracking, plus you can choose any concrete countertop color and concrete countertop edging for it.

Cons of Concrete Countertops

Target for Stains

Concrete counters last for years but they are not stain-resistant. Stains can ruin concrete countertops if spills and messes aren’t cleaned immediately. The surface can be protected by applying wax and sealer.

Takes Time

Customizing your kitchen or bathroom can take time and you can redo your countertops without replacing them. Concrete takes a few weeks to fully dry to become fully durable. You need to be patient throughout the process of casting and curing because it will take weeks to finish.

Expensive Labor Costs

There are other countertop materials that are far more expensive than concrete. Yet what makes the cost of concrete countertops expensive is the labor required for handcrafting such as customizing concrete countertop finishes. Perhaps if you are looking to change the look of your kitchen altogether, you could consider Dream Stone for your countertops.

The cost of concrete countertops lies in the design and the artisan’s skill. An affordable design can be around $65 per square foot, while creative designs can take up to $135 or more. The cost also includes transporting and installing the finished product. The more you customize your countertop, the higher the costs will be.

Concrete Counters
Concrete Counters

Concrete Countertop Maintenance

A sealer is applied to concrete surfaces to avoid the absorption of water and stains. However, sealers easily get exposed to heat damage, so heat protection needs to be used.

Are concrete countertops easy to maintain and clean? Definitely, cleaning a concrete surface is easy once it is sealed. A pH-neutral cleaner is often used and abrasive cleaners are avoided because these can easily wear away the sealer. A stained concrete surface requires certain methods and materials to completely remove the stains.

A concrete countertop is not safe from scratches. The sealer is the only part vulnerable, and repair can be easily done. Minor cracks to concrete normally happen over time. There are different reinforcement methods applied during construction to prevent this.

Just like how long a bathtub refinish will last, concrete countertops can last a very long time as long as you do maintenance checks from time to time. If you get asked, “Are concrete countertops easy to maintain?”, you can say that concrete countertops are highly durable and low-maintenance.

Concrete Countertop Finishes
Concrete Countertop Finishes

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